For Individuals interested in or employed in business continuity, disaster recovery, information security, risk management 
fields, CPO membership
provides you with the resources, programs, and knowledge sharing with peers to expand your
development opportunities. As a CPO member,
you will belong to a community of professionals that share
interests, commitments, and mutual goals. Participating and involving yourself
your local region, attending CPO
events, or as a member of the executive council and will allow you to connect with peers, share knowledge and
new opportunities in your profession.

Local Region Information
CPO has three regions - North, Central, and South. Each region offers opportunities to enhance your knowledge and 
professional expertise from a wide
variety of businesses.

General Membership
This membership is for all new members except those that qualify for a retiree or student membership.
General Membership Dues = $75.00

Retiree Membership
This membership will be offered at a 30% discount of the current annual membership fee. The requirement for this 
is the member must no longer be actively involved in a paid contingency planning role.
Retiree Membership Dues = $45.00

Student Membership
The requirement for this type of membership is the student must be enrolled as a full time student within a recognized
learning institution.

Student Membership Dues = $15.00


The term of membership for which dues are paid is from 1 January to 31 December each year. Dues must be paid by March 31st. 
Member status is granted upon payment of all current dues and fees. Members whose dues are delinquent shall forfeit member status
until they again become members in good standing.

CPO membership is available to any individual with an interest in contingency planning, and shall not be restricted by race or color,
sex, age, religious affiliation, physical challenges (handicap), or national origin.